Health Care Station Project

Building of a Health Care Station in the town of Bissaquel, Safim (Guinea – Bissau).


To create a Health Care Station to give medical attention to disavantaged families in the district of Safim – Bissaquel (Guinea – Bissau).


  • Surgical and health material
  • Operating room equipment and medical attention rooms
  • Medicines
  • Furnishing
  • Complete infraestructure and supplies to give the proper health attention


It should be noted that today poverty, malnutrition, chronic diseases that plague Guinea – Bissau, are linked to the constant instability of the political situation in the country. It is extremely painful for the population in general, especially for those who live in small towns where there are no social infrastructures (schools, institutes, ambulatory, roads, drinking water, electric power, etc.).

The Missionaries, the local population and people of good will seek together the solution to reduce this problem, a consequence of the misery that befalls the poorest population.

The Missionaries of the Precious Blood, interested in the reality of this village in the district of Safim (Bissaquel), try to respond to the needs they present. In this way, the missionaries are supported by the NGO CopaMater, which donated money for the construction of a small health post on a missionary site for social purposes. This fact motivated us to elaborate the project of construction of a Health Care Post to support families with needs.

The objective of this initiative, on the other hand, has to do with the immense difficulty of access to health, the care of many families and, on the other hand, discourage the practice of traditional medicine and sensitize the population about the importance of health in the life of the human being.

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Health Care Station Project

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