High School Project

Building of classrooms for Safim´s High School adolescents / young people of Guinea – Bissau (Safim- Bissaquel).


To give the necessary infraestructures to Safim´s High School to guarantee the education of adolescents and young people with difficult situations.


  • Need for ten classrooms
  • Construction of four bathrooms
  • Academic teacher’s office
  • A meeting room
  • Two computer rooms (now they do not have any).
  • It does not have a library, the students do not have a place to study or investigate, it does not have a study room.
  • It does not have enough tables or chairs for students
  • Lack of energy. The school needs solar panels.
  • Computers …


In our country Guinea – Bissau, education is a constant struggle with our rulers, who do not look at the poorest population, do not care if people know how to read; in this way, they do not support the development of education, mainly the construction of schools. In the absence of this support from the government, many children, adolescents and young people can not continue their studies, because in their area, town or city there are no institutes.

Safim’s High School was created to minimize the suffering of students, but where it is located today is a borrowed site. Every time there are more students and less physical space to function, or to realize the dream of many young people who want to continue studying.

In order to respond to this need, the rooms of the parish (which are for catechesis) are transformed into classrooms to support many students, so that they are not left out. Despite this, many are left without the possibility of studying because there is no space and there are no suitable conditions: they are small classrooms with shared tables of three people, it is uncomfortable because there is no where to lean well to write.

The situation is difficult and painful, there are more and more shortages. There is no support from the government, it is the missionaries who assume the responsibility of the non-profit school, for the requests of the Safim sector.

We have received requests from students to expand the school, to create a library for them, a simple computer room, more space for students. From this fact, we judge that there is a great need to help them to guarantee a better future. We want to do it, but we do not have the possibility of supporting them all, we lack financial means.

The importance of financially supporting the construction of an institute in Safim is to contribute first to development: to build a better society, to guarantee education and the future of many adolescents and young people.

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