Parish House Project

Building of a Parish House for the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in Safim (Guinea – Bissau).


To build a Parish House in Safim (Guinea – Bissau), where the Missionaries of the Precious Blood can live in optimal conditions and develop their missionary activities.


  • To build the estructure (now it only has four walls).
  • To build the cover and ceiling (it only has the beams).
  • To pave the floor
  • To build the bedrooms
  • To build a bathroom
  • To place the doors and windows
  • Infraestructures and supplies: electric power, potable water…


The Missionaries of the Precious Blood residing in the Parish House in Safim are deprived of many things, especially the privacy spaces (prayer chapel – liturgy of the hours, the living room, leisure, dining room, kitchen, living room of meetings, meeting place with people, space for young people…). In addition, the current exterior and home environment do not have favorable conditions for the exercise of missionary activities with dignity.

The house where they live is a pavilion with two bedrooms and bathroom, the door has direct access to the street, so it gives the feeling that one is all day on the street. The other rooms are adapted as classrooms, because there is not enough space for all the students. The young people, who come to study, use the living room (which was transformed into a classroom), and is next to the missionaries’ room. Therefore, the missionaries are forced to be out of their rooms all day.

The worst time is the rainy season, due to the lack of space to be at home, either in the dining room – kitchen or bedroom. When it rains the terrace is completely wet and there is no place to sit. If there is wind, water enters the door and the room is flooded.

In this situation, we appeal to the people of good will who can support the Missionaries, with the aim of completing the work of the parish house, which is next to the new church that began to be built by Italian volunteers.

The new parish house will be the future residence of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood who live in Safim, as well as the volunteer parishioners.

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Parish House Project

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