Study Grants Project

Creation of Study Grants for children / young people of Guinea – Bissau (Safim – Bissaquel).


To cover tuition fees for school fees and school supplies for children of families with low financial resources in the sector of Safim – Bissaquel (Guinea – Bissau).


Guinea – Bissau is a Portuguese-speaking country located on the west coast of Africa, bounded on the north by Senegal and on the south by Guinea – Conakry, with an area of ​​36,125 km2 and an illiteracy rate of around 60% of the population.

The Safim sector is located in the region of Biombo, 15 km from the capital Bissau, but it is in the poorest region of the country, with a very high percentage of children who do not have the possibility to go to school in the first years or, in some cases, later.

The majority of children and young people in our country live in a situation without a prepared and guaranteed future, due to the shortages of parents, families living with less than 1 euro per day, of traditional agriculture, with difficult situations.

Our intention is to give opportunity to disadvantaged children and young people (those who have no financial means to pay for their studies), food, transportation and health insurance from primary school until the completion of the university.

This is an initiative of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and the local community, knowing that parents have enormous difficulties in keeping their children in school.

All support, beyond the amount contributed, will act as a multiplier effect on the projects that are already being executed in Bissaquel and Safim.

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Study Grants Project

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