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Missionaries celebrated their annual assembly 2022

The missionaries of the precious blood of the Iberian province celebrated their annual assembly, with the presence of their members from Spain, Portugal and Guinea-Bissau. This year was held in person in Vilaviçosa, Portugal, in the seminar of São José, located there. They began the assembly on June 28 and stayed until July 1.

Seminário de São José, Vila Viçosa

At the assembly, missionaries evaluated their progress over the past year through dialogue and listening in circles, where they expressed their main concerns and vision of the future. They thanked this last year, marked by the pandemic and online meetings for group formation and personal meetings, which seek sincere communication between us, with the support of Father Yago and the Faith and Praxis organization. In addition, they presented the reports showing the apostolic and community activity of the houses and the province. The work of the committees and groups that worked during the year was appreciated.
There was an opportunity to share prayer, food, meeting, and walking.

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