The Foundation

The Gaspar del Búfalo Foundation is a non-profit organization inspired by the Christian Humanism of San Gaspar del Búfalo (1786 – 1837), a religious and founding priest of the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

Faithful to this spiritual and social vision, the Foundation addresses a world-transforming mission from the perspective of Social Justice, commitment to the Education of Children and Youth, the creation of Development Cooperation and Conservation Programs and implementation of value of the Artistic Heritage that has been bequeathed to it.

To achieve these objectives, the Gaspar del Búfalo Foundation offers the resources it has available, with a vocation of service to the society and promotion of humanitarian work, in the social, educational, welfare, cooperation, mission and spiritual spheres.

Development Areas


Formal and non-formal education

Promotion of the training of people who learn to listen to the most disadvantaged, as well as the acquisition of a commitment to the transformation of social reality, inspired by human values. Provide the knowledge and social skills that ensure job training and encourage interest in knowledge and thinking


Development Cooperation

Creation and support of initiatives to promote global, sustainable and equitable economic and social progress, understood as a process of broadening the opportunities of people and that seeks to enhance all aspects that increase human capacities and freedoms: Human Rights, institutional strengthening, health, access to knowledge …


Social Justice and Community Development

Development of actions to favor the living conditions of people, in the area of ​​the fight against poverty, equality in the legal sphere, support for immigrants and minorities, work with people with disabilities and implementation of community development programs


Management of Cultural Heritage

Performing Restoration, Research, Conservation and value enhancement of the Heritage, both architectural and documentary, to put it at the service of society

Help us to build a better society

Protecting the most disadvantaged, fighting against poverty and inequality, facilitating health care and promoting sustainable and equitable development.